Desk Goals - Chalk Painted 1980's Desk

Wow! What a busy week at Casa de Arias it's been. You wont believe me when I tell you that I have literally, just this minute had my 1st cup of coffee, and already my list of things to do reaches from here to Timbuktu! That said, it's not all work and no play. There is always an activity that will help me get through the day, and of course it's got something to do with my home decor.
It's Tuesday morning and oh, how I love a visit to the local second-hand store. A place full of forgotten treasures and potential. I get taken to my happy place every time I walk through the doors to just wander and wonder about the history that each piece holds underneath the layers of dust and watermarks.

Several times I have walked through the vintage section only with the intention of browsing, but this time I found a little desk tucked away between some rather garishly painted blue French chairs. Argghh! they hurt my eyes. Luckily the softer edges of the desk cured my blindness and my hand went straight in my pocket searching for the right amount of money to buy it.
The charming and very helpful shop assistant carefully squeezed my purchase into my reasonably small car. Surprisingly enough, there was room leftover to fit a chair but I stopped myself. Another object would be too much to give reason for when my husband returns from work, justifying the desk in the end took me the full drive home to come up with and adequate excuse and price. I always take 40% off even if it's a bargain.
After finding the date of birth stamped on the back, I began by giving the desk a good cleaning sanding and removed the hardware, not sure what to do with them. Reuse or not to reuse? That is the question. 

I decide to use primer as I wanted to ensure durability as I had no doubt that my sons frantic drawing sessions would take place on or very nearby this desk. Plus this way I could see the desk in white and mull over which colour I might like to paint it. Navy blue and gold? White? Dark grey? Green?

Yes, green it is! The hardware it had once painted gold resembled grape vines so a natural shade of green was they way to go. I love it when the form and design of a piece dictates the treatment. What's more, I had the benefit of my grandmother's opinion. She is the best for picking out colours for any object, person, walls, flowers, really anything! 

So within a blink of an eye I had two coats of "verde laurel" painted and ready for waxing. Basically, I was so excited about seeing the finished product, I didn't take any time to ponder or procrastinate which resulted in a super speedy transformation in one day! 

My eagerness also meant that I didn't have time to wait for any new hardware to arrive from Amazon. ( I regularly buy there due to the wide range available.) So I painted then gold. I must admit, that 1litre can of gold paint just seems last and last, which is lucky as this desk and other objects going into my bedroom makeover will need to be married together somehow, and what better way than with some small gold touches.

Paint brushes down and we are finished.. This whole transformation took less time than a trip to Paris from Madrid and cost only 18 Euros, owing to the fact that I already had some other supplies. 
Now to the task of changing the layout of my bedroom furniture to accommodate this (in my own words) stunning piece. I love the process changing and updating home decor just a shame my husband won't know what's going on until it's all done. Shhh!
Happy Upcycling ;)


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