Cheap and Easy Bedroom Makeover

We've lived in this house for 4 years now and to be honest, I have made so many interior decorating mistakes I could write a book about what NOT to do when decorating your house, a kind of non-Domino. Although, all is not lost. I have learnt the hard way not to arrange my decor to accommodate furniture which I don't like. I received all these dated pieces of furniture thanks to the  generosity of a family friend, which lead to almost fully furnishing our house. I was so delighted with this act of kindness which enabled us to move into our first home sooner than we had thought. However, just as a child would happily receive a box of hand me downs from a cousin and pick through the items that were to their liking, I too have been picking through during the last long 4 years.
So now it's time for me to pick over the our master bedroom. The bed, bedside tables and tall chest of drawers were all welcomed charity, but now my need for a luscious, overwhelmingly comfortable and inviting bedroom had overcome my gratitude and put a paint brush in my hand. Uh oh! Yes, clear the way and cover the valuables, the primer is out and nothing will go unpainted.
While the dear boys in my life were fast asleep, I made a start on the bed. Using universal primer I quickly applied 2 coats, (this was after prepping the wood, never skip the prep!) I stood back a breathed a sigh of relief finally the uneven varnish and watermarks were now covered with white. Why had I  put up with this for so long? Finishing with 2 coats of white enamel paint the bed looked so clean and inviting. What a difference some paint can make!

After 4 years of procrastinating, trying to save money to buy new and decorating badly, I could finally see my dream bedroom starting to to shape. The beautiful carved detail on the bed head and legs was enhanced by the Matt white paint. I was genuinely surprised by the change and motivated to continue.
I turned to face the poor mistreated bedside tables. There they stood, covered in chips watermarks, feet bleached by water after many years of mopping the floors around them. Thoughts of colour and pastel tones ran through my mind, but the traditional mindset stepped in and my wish for matching furniture came through. They had to be white. 
Much pondering later and I just couldn't bring paint to brush. I hated the way those tables gathered dust, their shape and lack of storage. I gave in and turned to the bedside drawers I had used in my mothers house. They needed a purpose and a serious lick of paint. Perfect upcycling material.
A quick sanding and dusting down revealed a very tired but sturdy set of furniture. Using the same method I prepped and lightly sanded them ready to be painted, then  I applied 2 coats of primer and then 2 coats of enamel paint, gave it 24 hours to dry and added the new knobs and it was ready to be placed side by side with the newly painted bed, revealing an astonishingly brighter, sleek new look.
This transformation came at little over 34 euros with all materials and paint included which left me wondering why I hadn't made this change sooner. I also found that working with a primer and an enamel paint gave an overall smoother finish to the paint work as they are both 'self-leveling' leaving very little trace of any brush marks behind. This meant there was no need for between-coat sanding or smoothing down brush marks with a water spray bottle. 
Nevertheless this did take me longer to complete, waiting for coats to dry and painting a total of 4 coats instead of just 2 and waxing. The finish does feel smooth to the touch and seems durable. What's more, the enamel paint I used promises easy cleaning, a bonus for those with young children and mucky hands. 
Now I can't wait to attack the Ikea 'dark-wood' wardrobe. I bought it as it was the largest, cheapest option at the time and recently I've seen that there is now a white version on offer. To buy a new wardrobe just for the colour would be in my opinion frivolous and wasteful, especially when I still have enough paint left over to tackle it. The next project is on the horizon. Bedroom makeover part 2 is coming soon.

Happy Painting :)

(I'm actually later posting this week as I spent Monday rearranging the furniture layout in my bedroom and priming the wardrobe. I just couldn't wait!)


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