5 Reasons You Should Upcycle Furniture

There are many reasons why we should do lots of things in life, but in my opinion there's nothing like a great blog entry, to motivate and enthuse a like-minded DIY addict into action. Striking a brush into the old chalk paint and slathering an old dresser with Duck Egg Blue is my kind of Friday night! Not forgetting the 'small' glass of Chardonnay to help the process along.

So without further ado, here's 5 reasons why you need to upcycle home decor.

Repurposing 'Good' Wood. 

Nowadays many other materials are being used to make furniture, as mass production requires a lighter and/or cheaper option, such as plywood or chipboard due to rapidly changing tastes interior design.  The furniture of old was made to rough it through a lifetime. Having to resist the rough and tumble of household traffic or be appreciated in all it's solid wood splendor, while suffering the weight of a family's vast collection of crockery.
These solid wood wonders are in need of a good lick of paint and a soothing furniture wax massage. With care, attention and some patience they can be rescued from the 'dumpster'. Once rehabilitated, not only will they stand the test of time, but also provide you with something that was strongly built with the intention to last a lifetime. Therefore it won't fall apart when moved "a little to the left"

For The Beauty of Vintage Design

The pieces of the past should be treasured in some form or other. Ok, so the original designer would most likely scream if they ever saw you cover their design in a shade of antique pink. But we are a fickle few and unfortunately mahogany doesn't really fit in with our living room's colour scheme. However, in our own chalk-paint-minded way, we are actually preserving a little bit of history a while longer. Albeit under some layers of our artistry.
Nevertheless, there are some damn ugly dressers and years ago someone really did and proudly so, put that into their home. Interior trends have changed and so have our decorating tactics. Luckily for these poor repulsive yet, sturdy souls we have Pinterest in our pockets and some new hardware to give them a Cinderella style makeover.

The Cost 

A major factor here let's be honest! When looking to purchase furniture for a bedroom makeover in a big chain store even though the prices are low, they are still out of reach for some of us. This is where thrift and create comes into play. It's easy to pick up some bedside tables or you may even get lucky and find a full set. Then paint them to your liking, it's that easy.


One of the greater concerns these days, as we continue the battle with the size of our carbon footprints.  What better way to reduce the mark left on the landscape by upcycling the furniture you have, or maybe even that old armchair you were given last year by your Aunt. Did you know? You can actually chalk paint fabric! (See below for evidence.) So your desire for change is now not limited to that of only wood and laminate.

Bespoke and Be Proud

Yes, it's possible to have a piece of home decor that's exactly to your taste. If you most certainly must have every piece in your home painted in 'Griege' then so be it. This way of furnishing gives you the freedom of choice and you can stand back and admire your handy work with glee.
Try to do some research  on the internet, to see what other people have done to a similar or an exact piece, get some inspiration and pick up a few tips, before you put brush to paint. Take a look at the different styles, techniques and most important of all the tools and materials that have been used. While doing so, learn from other people's triumphs and downfalls. Make their mistakes your learning curve.
When taking on a upcycling project it's always good to have a plan of action.  Although sometimes not everything turns out the way it's supposed to, this is all part of the process and there is always a solution.
To ensure the best possible outcome, follow these simple rules,
  • Do the necessary prep work.
  • Make sure you've got all the materials, tools and paraphernalia that you'll need.
  • Organise a gap in your schedule when you won't be disturbed.
  • And last but not least, enjoy the creative process.

Happy Upcycling.


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